Partie 7 : À propos de la langue anglaise

Chapitre 73 : L′anglais journalistique (journalese)

Les titres (headlines), page 152

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Typhoon Lashes Northeast Philippines, Landslides Feared
Inquiry To Be Held Into Election Poll Accuracy
Dog rescued from house fire
EU Vote “Could Trigger New Scottish Referendum”

“poll” = “election”, “blast” = “explosion”
“foe” = “enemy”, “agog” = “impatient”
From Russia with… gloves. Siberian weather to hit UK

Quelques termes très employés dans la presse, page 152

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the aftermath
a benchmark
a deadlock
a mainstay
a toll

to backfire
to defuse
to endorse
to flare up
to map out
to monitor
to pool
to scupper
to shelve
to skyrocket
to tackle
to vet

cut and dried
to pave the way for
to pay lip service to
to ride high in the polls
to sit on the fence
a knock-on effect
a losing battle

Food for thought, page 153

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Burning questions on tunnel safety unanswered: the possibility of fires in the Channel tunnel
Gord help us now: Gordon Brown's arrival at 10 Downing Street
On board but never bored: a new mega ship which offers endless entertainment
Material obsessions: Fabrics in every texture ruled the runway at Milan fashion shows.
Zing and yang: a berry which can spice up a dressing for raw fish
From fact to friction: what historians and novelists can learn from each other