Partie 4 : Réalités économiques

Chapitre 31 : Working life

Access to work, page 68

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the working population
labour, the work force
a labour shortage
a senior executive
an occupation
the professions
to be self-employed
to earn a living
to be on the payroll
to clock in/to clock out
to work on the night shift
to look for a job
to apply for a job
an application
to go on a training course
a trainee, an intern
to take somebody on, to hire somebody
to turn down an applicant
sick leave
maternity leave

This qualification opens up a number of job prospects.

The applicants had good references but did not fit the job description.

The business world, page 68

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a small business
a medium-sized business
to create/to set up/to start up a business
to run a company
to buy out a company
a takeover bid
the merger of two companies
to make a deal, to clinch a deal
to go bankrupt
to bail out
to streamline
to downsize the workforce

In these times of fierce competition, we can’t afford to become unprofitable.

The business world often complains about red tape and corporation tax.

Food for thought, page 69

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There are always several ways of interpreting statistics. Unemployment in the UK has been very low for some years. Some people, especially those in power, are very pleased with the results, claiming that their economic policies have reduced the number of people out of work. It’s true that record numbers of women are now in work in Britain.

However, some people point out that many female pensioners are forced to work because their pension is too low. They are often self-employed people in low-paid jobs.

Some workers complain that they find it hard to get enough hours to make ends meet.

“There is a lack of high-quality, well-paid jobs, especially for women,” says Kathleen McLeod, a secondary school teacher in Birmingham. “If you want to work as a cleaner or childminder, you can find a job overnight. But then you won’t be able to afford high rents. And it’ll be quite a challenge to raise children.”