Partie 6 : La vie au quotidien

Chapitre 61 : The cinema and television

The cinema (the movies), page 128

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a director
to screen
the cast
an extra
the set, the scenery
the shooting
a close-up
a stunt
the credits
the soundtrack
to dub
a subtitle
a trailer
to release
the release
a show
universal rating
parental guidance rating

Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane is said to be technically innovative, especially in its use of deep focus.

Charlie Chaplin started acting in films in the 1910s and soon became a worldwide cinematic idol. He is best known for his tramp character.

Television, page 128

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a TV viewer
a newscaster, an anchorman, a newsreader
a compere, a host
hard news
a series
a repeat, a rerun
a live broadcast
a quiz show, a game show
independent TV
encrypted, scrambled
a satellite dish
to channel hop

In the United States, the largest broadcast television networks are the traditional Big Three: ABC, CBS and NBC.

Internet streaming television has changed the way viewers watch their favourite programmes.

Food for thought, page 129

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Bollywood films…

Masala is a famous Indian spice mix. In India, some films are called “masala films” because they provide a mixture of several things that the Indian moviegoers/filmgoers/cinemagoers appreciate, like action, comedy, tragedy, romance, dances, songs, love triangles… In most Indian films, you get the typical hero, needless to say a man, who manages to fight off/to defeat the villains /the baddies all by himself. They last about three hours with an intermission/an interval/a break.