Partie 3 : Sciences et techniques

Chapitre 21 : Science and research

The sciences, page 48

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a scientist
a physicist
≠ a physician
quantum mechanics
a chemist
a chemical
an advance
a conundrum
a breakthrough
a basis (bases)
to ascertain
to harness
to be a landmark

Some major discoveries such as the microwave oven, safety glass and many more are said to have emerged partly out of serendipity.

This Japanese company is on the leading edge of optical technology.

Research, page 48

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a field
a think tank
an experiment
a process
a blueprint
a clue
by trial and error
to infer
to pioneer
to devise
a device
to work out
to fund
a patent

This R&D (research and development) lab conducts basic and applied research in different areas: cryptography, security, and algorithms.

This reliable process opens up new vistas for international cooperation.

Food for thought, page 49

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“Bionics” (biology + electronics) is the study of the means by which humans and animals perform tasks and solve problems, and the application of the findings to the design of electronic devices and mechanical parts. (Webster’s College Dictionary)

Here are a few examples of the technologies which are being developed:

  • The robotic leg prosthesis allows a paralyzed person to move their legs voluntarily.
  • The Tongue Drive System helps severely paralyzed people to make their way using only tongue movements.
  • The wireless brain-computer interface transmits brain activity and could allow people to control robotic arms.
  • A synthetic glue modeled after an adhesive found in nature could be used to repair tissues in the body.
Data given by the U.S. Department of Health and Human services,