Partie 5 : Problèmes de société

Chapitre 42 : Social inequality

The social fabric, page 90

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the social fabric
the social status
social cohesion
equal opportunities
the distribution of resources
access to public goods
to entail, to involve
social mobility
somebody’s worth

Social power is the degree of influence that someone can have among their peers or within society in general.

The existence of equal opportunities within a society plays a decisive role in social cohesion.

Societal issues, page 90

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a societal issue
an imbalance
rights and privileges
the haves and have-nots
lack of possessions
uneven, unequal
unfair, biased
ethnic, religious and gender inequality
to widen a gap
to cause dissatisfaction
low self-esteem
low self-confidence
to suffer discrimination
to feel left out
a sense of personal failure
social frustration

Our MP pointed out rightly that social inequality tends to damage the social fabric of society.

Food for thought, page 91

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Social inequality on the rise?

In the best of all possible worlds, a child’s future should be determined by their talents, their ability to prove their worth in the society they live in and to adapt to society’s needs. In other words, their future should not depend on their colour, gender, economic status or postcode i.e. where they were born. And yet…

It is obvious that the son of a successful lawyer in the U.S. – and probably in all countries – is far more likely to become highly successful than the son of a shop assistant. Recent studies tend to show that the gap between the well-off and the poor has widened.

A 2015 survey of more than 70,000 managers highlighted the large gender pay gap in the UK, despite undeniable women’s gains. Male managers earn at least 20% more than their female counterparts.

Many studies point out the gulf that exists between black students and their white classmates in U.S. public schools. They also show that there are significant gaps in life expectancy depending on your zip code.