Partie 5 : Problèmes de société

Chapitre 48 : Delinquency and criminality

Types of crimes and offences, page 102

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a crime
a murder
a minor offence
a theft, a robbery
breaking and entering
domestic violence
sexual abuse
child abuse

The word “crime” means “illegal activities”. Unlike the French word crime, it covers minor offences and murders.

Figures show that most delinquents fall in line with societal standards when they become adults.

Criminals and criminal acts, page 102

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a thief, a robber
to rob somebody of something, to steal something from somebody
juvenile delinquency
a thug, a hooligan
a burglar
to bully, to persecute
a murderer
a mugger, an aggressor, an attacker
to mug, to assault
to ransack, to loot, to pillage
to stab
to slaughter, to massacre
to abuse somebody
to rape somebody
a bloodshed
a gun, a handgun, a pistol
a rifle, a shotgun
to shoot somebody at point-blank range

The verb “assassinate” is only used for famous or important people. Other people are “murdered”.

Armed robbery is as serious a crime as robbery with violence.

Food for thought, page 103

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The word “firearms” is used to describe weapons that can be carried by a single person. They include handguns, rifles, machine guns and submachine guns.

As every American will tell you, the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. In other words, the right to have a gun is an integral part of American culture. In the land of the free, you should be free to protect yourself against any person that threatens you. Several lobbying groups in Washington defend this right, the most famous and influential one being the National Rifle Association.

In the United Kingdom, it is very difficult to have a licence to own a gun. Therefore, few British people own one. It is even illegal to carry a knife (by which we don’t mean table knives, of course). The first restrictions on the sale of firearms were implemented in the Pistols Act of 1903. The UK has one of the lowest rates of gun homicides in the world.