Partie 6 : La vie au quotidien

Chapitre 59 : Books

Texts and authors, page 124

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a novel by
a romance
a short story
a tale
a play
a playwright
to print
to bind
a hardback
a paperback
out of print
an ebook
an e-reader

The Pulitzer Prize established by the American journalist Joseph Pulitzer has been awarded since 1918 for distinguished fiction by an American author, preferably dealing with American life.

POLONIUS – What do you read, my lord?
HAMLET – Words, words, words.

Style and literary criticism, page 124

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the setting
the plot
a character
the narrator
a device
to describe
to depict
to allude to, to refer to
to embody
to praise
to disparage
a blunt criticism
a reviewer

The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson is described as “an unsparing and hilarious account of one man’s rediscovery of America and his search for the perfect small town”.

Food for thought, page 125

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  1. A well-designed book jacket can stop you. It may make you smile or pause for a second, or surprise you. You might even want to pick up the book and look inside, and possibly buy it.
  2. It’s like having a library in one small source.
  3. Thousands of books can be downloaded for free. So it’s much cheaper.
  4. “I would definitely recommend The Hours. I’ve read it twice.” “Can I borrow it?” “Sorry, it is on my e-reader.”
  5. There is something unique about its feel, its smell.
  6. They save trees, millions of them.
  7. You can read them in bed without disturbing anyone, because you don’t need to turn a lamp on.
  8. I personally own every digital device you can imagine, but I still love to be surrounded by printed books. I feel smarter when I see great writers staring down at me from a shelf.