Partie 2 : La question environnementale

Chapitre 20 : Green living

Saving energy, page 46

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to tackle road congestion
a bike share scheme
energy-saving appliances
an energy-saving light bulb

A park-and-ride system helps reduce urban traffic congestion: drivers leave their cars in car parks on the outskirts of a city and travel to the city centre on public transport.

Going green, page 46

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environmental concerns
eco-friendly, earth-friendly
to preserve
wastewater treatment
selective waste collection
a bottle bank
to dodge chemicals
“the polluter pays” principle
to buy local
to be veggie

Public awareness of climate change and other environmental concerns has increased in the last few decades.

A green company acts, or claims to act, in a way that minimizes damage to the environment.

Greenwashing is when you want to promote environmentally-friendly products when they’re not. In a way, it’s green marketing gone wrong.

Food for thought, page 47

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Less is more
The Eielson Visitor center in Alaska only uses solar panels, hydropower and natural lighting. It was built with recycled and locally produced materials. Its heating, ventilation and plumbing systems are highly energy-efficient. Very little fossil fuel energy is required to operate the building.