Partie 4 : Réalités économiques

Chapitre 33 : World trade

Trade in goods, page 72

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foreign markets
a free-trade area
foreign trade
a favourable balance of trade
a negative balance of trade
the trade surplus
a trade deficit, a trade gap
a trade barrier
a trade war
competition, rivalry
a sheltered market
customs duties
a ban on, an embargo
to purchase, to buy
to place an order

Thanks to the reciprocal trade agreement, we’ll be able to find new outlets, and possibly reduce the trade gap with our partners.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) objects to unfair trade practices and rejects import quotas.

Distribution, page 72

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a supply, a stock
a supply chain
a wholesale supplier, a wholesaler
a middleman
a retailer
to keep in storage
a warehouse
home delivery
an invoice
the profit margin
the purchasing power
a commodity, an item, an article
a price tag
a brand, a trademark
a bargain

The UK has one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the world when measured by the money spent per capita. E-commerce has led to intensified price competition.

Food for thought, page 73

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  1. The fair trade movement focuses on commodities that are typically exported from developing countries to developed countries. These commodities include mainly food, especially coffee and cocoa, but also handicrafts, textiles and luxury items like gold and diamonds.
  2. These organizations support producers and encourage sustainable practices in farming that are respectful of the environment. They also insist on recycling and proper water management. Needless to say, child and forced labour are strictly banned.
  3. Some people criticize these organizations, though. They claim that fair trade products are more expensive than other goods and that the extra money paid does not reach the producers themselves, but middlemen. Some research showed that “fair trade coffee” for example is not helping the very poor, especially women.
  4. Some fair trade organizations say they are aware of the problem and are doing all they can to address it. Their reputation and future depend on it.