Partie 7 : À propos de la langue anglaise

Chapitre 68 : Binômes

Binômes composés de noms, de verbes ou d′adjectifs, page 142

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peace and quiet
law and order
life and times
safe and sound
salt and vinegar
fish and chips
pros and cons
lost and found objects
men and women
wait and see

Time to get ready for school. Come on, rise and shine!

odds and ends
hustle and bustle
spick and span
trials and tribulations
rest and relaxation
fair and square
high and mighty
to leave somebody high and dry
tit for tat

Don’t act so high and mighty!

This is Europe’s strength, which we must preserve through thick and thin.

Fluctuations in oil prices are part and parcel of the oil industry.

Binômes composés de mots grammaticaux, page 142

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ups and downs
ifs and buts
ins and outs
down and out
back and forth
up and about
dos and don’ts
now and again

Our democracies are slowly but surely infiltrated by dirty money.

I collected these articles here and there last week.

We sat around talking about this and that.

Food for thought, page 143

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  • pick and choose
  • sick and tired
  • leaps and bounds
  • rise and fall
  • back and forth
  • once and for all
  • bread and butter
  • on and off