Partie 5 : Problèmes de société

Chapitre 49 : Political regimes and parties

Political regimes, page 104

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a constitutional monarchy
a sovereign
an emperor, an empress
to rule a country, to lead a country
a head of state
the government, the administration
to overthrow a tyrant
to remove from power
to unseat somebody
a regime change
to declare martial law, to impose martial law
to stage a coup

A republic has a head of state, but he or she cannot be a monarch. The only known exception is the French president, who is also co-prince of Andorra.

Some Europeans dream of a Federation of Europe, something akin to the earliest union of American states.

Political parties, page 104

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the ruling party
the main opposition party
to be the leader of
a policy
a political platform
to stand for Parliament
to run against somebody
to run for President
to run for re-election
to support somebody

The Shadow Cabinet comprises important politicians in the main opposition party whose role is to develop alternative policies and scrutinize the Government’s actions.

Food for thought, page 105

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Richmond opposes King Richard and describes him as follows:
For what is he they follow? Truly, gentlemen,
A bloody tyrant and a homicide;
One raised in blood, and one in blood established;
One that made means to come by what he hath,
And slaughtered those that were the means to help him;
A base foul stone, made precious by the foil
Of England’s chair, where he is falsely set;
One that hath ever been God’s enemy.