Partie 2 : La question environnementale

Chapitre 14 : Urban transport

Public transport, page 34

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means of transport, means of transportation
to commute
a commuter train
the timetable, the schedule
a tram, a streetcar
a driverless train
a coach, a carriage, a car
to board a trolleybus
to get off the bus
a dedicated lane
to make for, to head for
to transfer
a connection
to catch the last train home

Many Americans work downtown but live in the suburbs, and so they commute to the city centre.

Completely electric solar-powered buses are part of a large move towards greener means of transport.

Private means of transport, page 34

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to drive to work
a ride
congestion, traffic jams
a congestion charge scheme
a share taxi
to beat the rush hour
a bike lane
a pedestrian precinct
a pavement, a sidewalk

In the USA, close to 90% of trips are made by private cars, motorcycles and trucks.

Many cities now offer a ride sharing service. A mobile app arranges rides between city dwellers and independent drivers.

Food for thought, page 35

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The “new mobility”
Many people now agree that cities would be better off with fewer cars, that is, with less noise, less pollution, less stress, and more power to the pedestrian. Many cities pride themselves on having become “pedestrian friendly”. For transport to be sustainable, city dwellers will have to rely more and more on clean public transport, bikes and shared electric cars.

According to Gilles Vesco, who is in charge of sustainable transport in Lyon, a revolution is coming, which will create “a city for people, a more walkable city”. He calls it the “new mobility”, which will be made possible thanks to cell phones.

Some transport sociologists have predicted that in the not-so-distant future, people will be able to order a small driverless electric car with an application, which will pick them up wherever they are and take them anywhere in the city. All that will be required is a cell phone and a credit card, and computer skills to program the car’s computer.