Partie 7 : À propos de la langue anglaise

Chapitre 71 : Quelques comparaisons courantes

As... as, page 148

Afficher le texte

As hungry as a wolf very hungry
As sick as a dog very sick
As quiet as a mouse very quiet
As happy as a lark very happy
As blind as a bat who can’t see well
As stubborn as a mule obstinate
As busy as a bee very busy
As snug as a bug in a rug warm and comfortable
As red as a beetroot very red
As white as snow white and beautiful
As white as a sheet pale from horror or fear
As thin as a rake very thin

Like, page 148

Afficher le texte

to sleep like a log to sleep very well
to be like a bull in a china shop to be very clumsy
to eat like a bird to eat very little
to drink like a fish to drink a lot of alcoholic beverages
to know something like the back of one’s hand to know something very well
to work like a dream to work very well
to be like a cat on a hot tin roof to be jumpy and nervous

Collocations, page 148

Afficher le texte

a birdbrain a stupid person
to have butter fingers to be very clumsy
to have an eagle eye to notice many things, even small details

Food for thought, page 149

Afficher le texte

  1. Her elder son is the apple of her eye.
  2. You’ve broken another glass; you really have butter fingers!
  3. Over the last few years the popularity of the pro Europeans has been on a roller coaster.
  4. The ugly duckling eventually became a beautiful swan.
  5. That “birdbrain” just drove right through three rows of traffic lights and into a front garden.